Fixer Moldova: the One-Stop-Shop for Journalists and Filmmakers

Fixer Moldova is a local team of production people and journalists who work with foreign media as fixers and correspondents to cover Moldova (Moldavia).

Our services include: general fixing, translation and production, location permits and scouting for filming, equipment rental.

In addition, we are trilingual. We speak Romanian (the main language in Moldova), Russian and of course English.

Our Fixer Moldova team covers the whole country, including the so-called state of Transnistria (Transdniester).

We realise that finding a reliable Moldovan fixer can be tricky for foreign crews. This is why we are ready to provide references from reputable journalists and film makers we have previously worked with.

Through our network of contacts, we can provide a full service for film crews. We work in a similar way to movie production companies in Moldova.

Our email is on 24/7. So please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a fixer in Moldova or just need general advice about filming in our country

Our services include:

General fixer/production assistant/translator

Film and media crew hiring: cameraman, videographer, photographer, sound engineer, grip

Location management: scouting, permits

Movie production assistance

Equipment rental through partners

Scheduling and logistics