Our Fixer Moldova team is a one stop shop for anything a media crew needs, from arranging interviews to sorting locations and logistics.

Our main services in Moldova include:

  • Production fixer/researcher/translator services with thorough local knowledge

  • TV crew hiring: camera, photographer, grip, sound man

  • Location scouting and permits

  • Equipment rental and logistics

We have a good experience of working as fixers in Moldova for foreign crews. Our local contacts and media background help us have a thorough understanding of the country.

Moldova filming locations and fixer in Moldova

Moldova production fixer

For the past years, we have been helping foreign crews in doing their reports and stories in the country. We generally try to see solutions, not problems, and we are always ready to go off the beaten path when it comes to setting up a shoot. Therefore, if you are looking for a fixer in Chisinau or around the country, please drop us a line.

As a former Soviet republic, Modova may not be as predictable and safe as Western Europe. However, our expertise is meant to bring added value to any shoot or report in terms of local knowledge.

Film crew hiring in Moldova

While the talent and crew market is relatively cheap in Chisinau (the capital) and across the country, the number of professionals is quite low. However, our Fixer Moldova network is able to provide production support by finding cameramen, photographers, sound engineers or grip assistants with relevant experience if needed. We can provide sample materials and references.

Moldova filming locations

Getting permits is far easier than Western Europe and can usually be done in 1-6 days. Authorities are not strict with journalists and TV crews. Moldova (also referred to as Moldavia) is not part of the EU, but Western Europeans can usually travel to the country for maximum 90 days without a visa or extra paper work. However, big sized TV equipment usually requires an official carnet. Our local Moldovan fixers can assist with the process.