Moldova is certainly seen by many as a rather exotic and distant location for doing film production or shooting commercials. Its main advantage is affordability, although the talent and crew pool is not as wide as Western Europe. But our Moldova film fixers can makeĀ things predictable and sort all issues related to movie production and media coverage.

Film production in Moldova

Moldova is mostly famous for post-soviet architecture and its rural areas with wineries and cellars. It does not have mountainous landscapes as the country comprises of plains and hills. Authorities offer no tax incentives for filming, but they are usually open to giving approvals. Most of the times, our Moldova film fixers can get them without paying any fees.

Production of TV commercials

Through its post-soviet architecture and traditional villages, Moldova offers a unique variety of locations. It has spectacular wineries and soviet cities frozen in time. Commercial directors are often very interested of this kind of locations when filming in Moldova. The talent and crew pool is not wide, but the fees are more than affordable. Our fixers in Moldova have relevant production experience and can help hiring crew and local talent.

Moldova film fixers

Moldova Fixer – filming in Moldova

Moldova film fixers

Our team offers general support for foreign crews coming to Moldova for media/news reports and movie/commercial productions. We are a one stop shop for everything related to filming. We sort contributors, permits, equipment rental, bookings and logistics. Our fixers speak Romanian (the most spoken language in the country), Russian (the second most spoken) and English.

Equipment rental

We offer options for filming gear rental in Moldova through our local partners: Filming in Romania. When local companies cannot provide the items, our fixers usually try to bring them in from Bucharest, Romania. This is generally a more cost effective way than shipping large packages from Western Europe.