As a small landlocked Eastern European country of 3 million people, Moldova (also referred to as Moldavia) offers a decent range of filming locations. Filming in Moldova is useful for illustrating the soviet and post-soviet era. Filmmakers and journalists may also be interested in the traditional way of life in rural areas that still do rudimentary agriculture.

Moldova is one of the biggest wine producers in Europe. The surroundings of Chisinau offer a good number of wineries and spectacular medieval cellars.

Filming in Moldova: public spaces

Open public spaces such as the iconic areas of Chisinau do not require any special permit unless the filming crew disrupts normal traffic of cars and people. However, authorities are quite quick and flexible and if needed our Moldovan fixers can arrange public permits.

Filming in Moldova: closed locations

Any closed space such as a courtyard or a building requires the approval of its owner (either a person, company or public entity). The approval can be verbal or written and the Fixer Moldova team is ready to help with enquiries and translations.

Filming in Moldova: “The Wine Road”

Street closures and special permits

Any shoot with a large crew that blocks a street or interferes with day to day life needs official approval. However, most of the times local officials are open in allowing film crews and media professionals to shoot in Chisinau or the rest of the country.

Location scouting and filming locations in Moldova

The road infrastructure is not great. But our fixers can scout filming locations in Moldova easily since everything is 3 hours away at most from Chisinau. So if you are looking for a Moldovan fixer with a car to find the right location for a photography, movie or media project, please drop us a line.

Fixer in Transnistria (Transdniester)

The so-called state of Transnistria (also referred to as Transdniester) is a separatist territory between Moldova and Ukraine. The place looks frozen in Soviet times. It has a ruling communist party and a supreme soviet in the capital, Tiraspol. Our Moldova fixers can also cover Transnistria upon request. Working as a fixer in Transnistria can be tricky, but our people have done it before and know how to get access and deal with authorities in Tiraspol.

Fixer in Transnistria and FIlming in Moldova

The Supreme Soviet in Tiraspol, capital of the so-called separatist state of Transnistria

Moldova Infrastructure

The road quality in Moldova is below European standards. Since the country is quite small, trips from Chisinau to other areas take less than three hours driving. The capital has a number of hotels that offer proper 4-star quality at affordable prices. Hotel staff members in Chisinau usually speak English and are friendly to foreigners.